Jamie and Friends | Yes, You’re Right! But Do You Know The Whole Truth?
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Yes, You’re Right! But Do You Know The Whole Truth?

13 Jun Yes, You’re Right! But Do You Know The Whole Truth?

Yes, you’re right! Social Media is a fun way to kill time with pointless status updates (I don’t really care that you just dyed your hair green…well maybe I do), playing games (what is Candy Crush anyway?!), sharing pictures (yes your dog/baby is the cutest!), reuniting with old friends (I mean old flames, uh-oh) and making new friends (we have 178,367 friends in common and we don’t know each other?!). But, how can business owners use social media to generate revenue?

The truth is, regardless of the size of your company, if you want to stay relevant in today’s digital era, you have no choice but to adapt. Social media has changed the way that successful businesses interact with customers and reach out to new markets.Here are some of the many benefits for your business to start using social media.

Social Media:

  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Increases Website Traffic
  • Positions You as a Thought Leader
  • Creates a Personality for Your Business
  • Engage and Build Relationships with your Customers/Prospects
  • Communicates Real Time Information to your Community
  • Makes it Easy to Connect With Other Businesses

And just in case you’re still questioning the need for social media… check out the stats below.

10 Most Interesting Social Media Statistics

Here are 10 of the most interesting social media statistics from 2012 that can help you better understand the critical importance of deploying Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, as part of your integrated marketing program. Stats courtesy of the Huffington Post.

  1. 1 Million websites have integrated with Facebook
  2. 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook.
  3. 23% of Facebook users check their Facebook account five or more times daily.
  4. 34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter.
  5. 32% of all Internet users are using Twitter.
  6. 60% of LinkedIn users have clicked on an ad.
  7. 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve bought or wanted to buy, compared with 40% of Facebook users.
  8. 2 million blog posts are published every day.
  9. 40% of people spend more time socializing online than they do face-to-face.
  10. 40%of brands have adopted Instagram for marketing.

Using social media to get into your customer’s heads, encourage their comments, and respond to their feedback leads to more engagement. The more engagement you have, the more likely you will turn your “likes” into paying customers.
But, even with the ever growing importance of social media, you cannot depend on social media alone to generate sales and increase revenue. You need a few tactics to drive traffic to your social networks/website. Integrating a social media strategy with an e-email marketing campaign is what gets you impressive results.

Don’t have time to develop and execute a Social Media Strategy and Email Marketing Campaign?

Let Jamie & Friends do it for you!

Here’s what my team and I can do for you… (efficiently, effectively and affordably)

Create a targeted email marketing campaign.
Write content and design a newsletter to be sent out on a frequent and consistent basis.
Develop, post and maintain content on social media platforms on a frequent and consistent basis.
Write blogs that will keep your website content fresh and searchable
Conduct follow up calls and emails and more!


Call today at 646.620.4774 or email jamie@jamieandfriends.com.

The cost-effective way to grow your business professionally and efficiently.

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