Jamie and Friends | 7 Tips on Creating Effective E-mail Campaigns
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7 Tips on Creating Effective E-mail Campaigns

12 Feb 7 Tips on Creating Effective E-mail Campaigns

It’s the start of the new year and there is no better time than now to connect with your customers and prospects. And what better way to do it than through an effective e-mail marketing campaign?  An e-newsletter is the perfect opportunity to create stronger relationships with existing and prospective clients, share expert knowledge and provide useful information that your clients will want to read and can appreciate.

However, creating an effective e-mail marketing campaign is not always an easy task.  Here are seven tips to keep in mind when creating an effective e-mail marketing campaign:

  1. Get personal – Include a picture, a recipe, a fun fact or tip that you recently learned. Getting personal is a great way to humanize yourself and your business and helps create long term relationships with your customers.
  2. Integrate with Social Media – E-mail and social media can be a powerful combination. Make sure you use the social share links so readers can share the information with their friends and colleagues.  This opens up a whole pool of connections that you did not originally have access to.
  3. Automate a drip campaign – By continuously nurturing your campaign you can help keep your audience engaged and convert them into customers.
  4. Analyze your results – Of the emails sent, how many were actually opened?  Which links were clicked on the most?  How many times was your content shared with the users’ social network? Which offers resulted in the most conversions? By leveraging this information you can determine the interest level of your readers and take specific follow up action to cultivate the relationship and boost your ROI.
  5. Don’t be a novelist – Your readers’ time is valuable so respect that. An email that resembles a novel will lose their interest quickly and will cause them to hesitate opening any other emails that come in from you. Be sure to include USEFUL and INTERESTING information.
  6. Don’t be Vain – No one wants to read all about you and everything you can do.Sharing useful information about your products or services will help establish you as an expert on the topic. The more customers that see you’re an expert and knowledgeable about the topic, the more likely they are to visit your website and pick up the phone to call you.
  7. Segment your message – Consider sending different emails/messages to the different segments of your list when appropriate.

In addition, a relevant, timely and engaging newsletter complements your website and other marketing initiatives. It helps to keep your name top of mind to your existing and potential clients as well as build effective relationships. An e-mail marketing campaign is also very cost efficient when you compare it to snail mailings where you need to include printing and postage costs.

To busy for e-mail marketing? Don’t know what to write or where to start?

No stress…It’s what we do!

Jamie and Friends is your total solution and can help you from start to finish! We handle it all from developing unique content to organizing your contact database, to designing a custom branded template, to execution and results analysis.

Contact Jamie for a NO OBLIGATION FREE CONSULTATION at 646.620.4774 or jamie@jamieandfriends.com.
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