Jamie and Friends | 10 Content Ideas For Your Email Marketing Campaign
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10 Content Ideas For Your Email Marketing Campaign

30 Jun 10 Content Ideas For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Developing content for a newsletter can be stressful to many business owners, however it’s important to not let the stress stop you because if used effectively, email marketing can be invaluable for small business owners. A well-executed email marketing campaign is an important vehicle that connects you to clients and prospects and is a primary source of growth and sales for many companies.

Here is a list of 10 content suggestions for establishing a successful email marketing campaign:

1. Upcoming/Recent Events – Do you go to trade shows? Conferences? Networking events? Other industry related events? Write about what you did, what you saw, what you learned, who you met, OR if your business is hosting an event like a special class, fundraiser or an open house, an email newsletter containing a description and a link to the event invitation is a quick way to spread the word.

2. Tips & Tricks – Highlight your expertise by telling your customers something they probably don’t know.

3. Top 10 Lists –  It doesn’t have to be a nice even number like 10 either, just do as many as you can think of. “Top 8 Benefits of”.. “Top 10 Reasons to”.

4, Helpful Tools – Are you using a tool that has made your life easier? Tell people about it. It could be a new phone app that you found useful, the CRM system you use or your recent decision to outsource parts of your business.

5. How To’s – People are always curious about how to do things. This is your chance to prove to your readers that you are an expert in your field.

6. Hot Industry Topics – Share and educate your customers about the latest trends in your industry. Keep the update short and simple; try to leave out terms that are too technical for your readers.

7. Answer Common FAQs – What are some of the most common questions your customers ask? Answer them in a newsletter.

8. Case Studies – Show exactly how specific customers have benefited by using your products and services. Use actual data statistics that matter to your target market. Use charts, graphs, and other visuals, or even a video of your customers speaking.

9. Video Posts – Whether it’s an interview, video of yourself talking about a certain topic, or telling a funny story or having your own TV show, a video is an excellent way to grab the attention of your readers.

10. Employee Spotlight –  People love a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite business and an employee profile is an easy way to grow a more personal connection with your potential and existing customers.

Bonus Tip #11 – Special Offers or Discounts – Offering your readers a special discount occasionally will help you reengage customers who have not visited your business in a while. You can also incentivize word of mouth sharing by reminding your subscribers to forward the email and pass along the special offer to their family and friends. Including “exclusive” promotions for “subscribers only” will also help keep your email newsletter subscriptions up and give your subscribers a reason to open your newsletter instead of sending it to the trash folder.

So there you have it. Creating an effective email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be a difficult task. One of the most important things to remember is that it’s not all about you. Your newsletter should be mostly educational and not entirely focused on promoting your business. The main objective is to engage your readers (on a consistent basis) so that they identify you as an expert in your industry so that when the time comes, they turn to you to help them with their needs.

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